P.S. Exports & Consolidates Pvt Ltd, and its subsidiaries, has over 800 people contributing to its growth and development. From seamstresses to finishers, washing experts to weavers, packers to master cutters, designers to merchandisers, each member makes a mark on our product and way of working.


Below, the key people who guide and encourage them all towards a more productive, satisfying workplace...

Ranvir Shah holds a Masters Degree in Political Science and has over two decades of experience in the domestic and international markets in garment exports. He is currently Managing Partner of P.S. Exports & Consolidates Pvt Ltd, Chennai and of PS Hospitals, a healthcare company that runs the Shanta Ayurveda Hospital, a 20-bed multi-specialty Ayurvedic hospital started with the aim of providing holistic, natural and effective treatment. Furthermore he also runs Amdavadi, a Guajarati snack-house, the first of its type in Chennai, India and PS Hotels a venture that runs boutique guesthouses in interior landscapes of pilgrimage places in Tamil Nadu, India.


A cultural activist, philanthropist and businessman, hailing from a Jain business family, Ranvir has always had a great interest in books, art, music, interior decoration and a sharp aesthetic perception.

He thus straddles the seemingly unconnected worlds of art and industry and also attempts to create symbiotic links between the two, as a firm believer in the proactive role industry can play in non-commercial ventures and the importance of art in the human endeavor


Ranvir Shah - Managing Partner

Roopa Menon holds a Masters in Business Administration. She is the General Manager of Operations at P.S. Exports & Consolidates Pvt Ltd India and has been instrumental in shaping teams and guiding them for growth over the past 5 years with the group. She has been involved in the garment export line for more than 15 years in several capacities.


As a woman she leads from the heart with a strong balance of the head and is able to be sensitive to the working women’s issues of the majority workforce, being a working mother and wife herself who balances both her personal and professional lives beautifully.


She leads by example by putting in more hours than anybody else and has the loyalty and admiration of her team.

Roopa has also been instrumental in working closely with the top management to introduce many path-breaking initiatives of conscious capitalism at the work place.

She lives in Chennai with her husband and daughter and comes from a background of defense with both her husband and father serving the country.



Roopa Menon - General Manager