Our history...

Started in the 1970’s along with the "Bleeding Madras" fabric boom, P.S. Exports & Consolidates Pvt Ltd was founded by Mr. Ranjit P Shah, a first generation entrepreneur, to meet a specialized demand for finely crafted men’s shirts for the American market. The company started its operations on 10 hand operated foot pedal machines in a thatched roof verandah and terrace and moved to grow over the years.


Today it is a vertically integrated setup specializing in menswear, womenswear and children’s wear with a fabric weaving mill,  international quality factories and an in-house laundry facility. It also has a design office in Chennai, India and New York, USA.


It continues to be a family-run business with the second generation represented by Ranvir Shah, Managing Partner, handling daily operations, while the founder actively participates in strategy and long-term decisions. At P.S. Exports & Consolidates Pvt Ltd we continue to uphold the core values that started it, reinventing ourselves for contemporary times.

Mr. Ranjit P. Shah,  Founder

Factory Floor, Chennai, 1981

NYC office, OMTC, 1984