Our mission is to deliver our product in the best manner possible to our customer, as we take pride in bringing to you a product of superior quality, made by a team of people who believe that the way to engage with life is to immerse yoursef fully in what you do.


This philosophy comes up from all levels in our organisation and allows us to share our lives with you.


Integrity, honesty, values and ethics are the driving philosophies that validate us.


We hope this enjoyment of excellence reaches and stays with you.


- Ranvir Shah, Managing Partner, P.S. Exports & Consolidates Pvt Ltd


Our Team


We are proud to be associated with the following U. S & European brands -


Lucky Brand Jeans, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, National Wholesale, Gocco, Old Ridel, Pepe Jeans, Vermont Country Store, Castaway Clothing, Overland Sheepskin, Madison Creek Outfitters, Q by Flynt, Joe's Jeans, Sperry, Takko, Tommy Bahamas, Reitmans-Canada, among others!